Essential Attributes of a Data Analysis Operative.

Working for a reputable, experienced, Data Analysis Company such as there are several essential personality traits and attributes you will need to have.  A confident and personable, friendly attitude, a genuine desire to help Businesses improve their overall work strategies, a good knowledge of Data Input and a smart appearance. As well as the ability to confidently operate alone or work within a close-knit Team of people.  Usually, staying in your local vicinity you will be required to ask appropriate questions and set specific tasks, in order to collect relevant Data.  This essential, crucial information will then be input onto a clever on-line Platform that allows the recipient to make Data Driven Decisions with confidence. Any aspect of any business can be covered from Service Evaluation to Product Tracking.

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Previous experience as a “Mystery Shopper” is not essential but all the other attributes listed above should be a big part of who you are and how you operate.  Dependable, methodical, yet able to think outside of the box, honest and trustworthy, all traits of a great Data Analysis Operative.

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The Companies and Businesses that you collect this essential Data for, trust you to present them with open and honest feedback, so staying objective is crucial. With only twenty-four hours in which to collect all the required data, input it onto the System and send it to the relevant Company, you must be focussed at all times.

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