Bolt seals: what are they and what are their benefits?

In these times of high inflation, low margins, and fickle clients, not to mention high insurance costs, anything we can do to minimise loss and fraud is becoming ever more important. This is where bolt seals come in, providing a cost-effective way to keep your containers and trailers safe and secure.

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What exactly is a bolt seal?

A bolt seal is a two-part metal locking device complete with a unique serial number laser printed on the heavy-duty plastic casing. They fit through the handle of the container or trailer, the pin pushing into the body of the bolt seal and then the plastic cap is fitted. The cap is designed so that it can be pushed on easily by hand but not removed after. The serial number can be recorded and once installed, it is impossible to open it without breaking the seal, thus ensuring that goods arrive with nothing taken out or indeed added to along their journey.

This is especially critical with International Cargo or shipments that require some involvement with customs and excise authorities. Many countries, in fact, insist on their use. The idea is simple: what you put inside the cargo remains there unless the seal has been broken, avoiding nasty surprises at the end destination. An Operations Manager will usually be responsible for their use and keeping track of the serial numbers. For recommendations and more detailed specifications of use,

There are many types of bolt seals, ranging from basic versions to high-security types. These high-security seals are made from stronger metal than their standard counterparts, which are generally aluminium or zinc alloy. The stainless steel and high-grade ABS plastic make high security variants even harder to cut through and thus ideal for high-end merchandise such as jewellery, designer goods, or electronics, for example. In addition, they come with tamper indicators so that you are alerted to any attempt to gain entry. If you are unsure as to what type of security seal is best for you then a detailed list of types can be found at specialists such as

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The benefits are clear.

As a shipper or logistics firm, you want to be sure that what you send is what is received at its destination. High-security bolts could be the answer, reducing the loss and fraud that unfortunately plagues the logistics business at times.

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