Large companies already tweeting daily and more frequently

Managers online communities are constantly researching and experimenting with new actions, tools and metrics in order to maximize the results of our strategy. Within this constant learning process inevitably the study of competition, as well as analysis of the performances of the big brands is included.

Therefore, it is appreciated the existence of studies such as Simply Measured, where the analysis of activity on Twitter of the 100 major brands Interbrand, showing us how to act in Twitter large companies is included.

The companies in the Top 100 of Interbrand tweeting daily and frequently; half of them published at least 10 tuits day. These publications also include responses and RT. One of the reasons causing this activity may be due to the large size of the communities that amass these brands. Thus, we find an average of 870,000 Twitter followers, although in this case is not a value representative of the majority, since 58% of them has about 100,000 followers.

Large companies already tweeting daily and more frequentlyThis activity is far from being achieved by small businesses. Data from Simply Measured also include the activity recorded by the ranking of the top 100 SMEs, according to Forbes, which shows that 56% of these companies do not tweeting daily, while only 6% published between 6 and 10 messages to day.

What kind of content shared through Twitter?

Simply Measured analysis indicates that only 36% of the messages sent by these large companies contained a link, although they recognize the great impact of these tweets with links and can register an average of 20,000 responses or RT 25.00.

It is worth noting how the tweets with images greatly influence on the engagement. Especially in the case of messages that include a shared photo directly through Twitter, which recorded average 210 interactions, compared with 125 of Tumblr, or Pinterest 94.

It has also been observed that the size of the community of followers directly influences the rate of engagement. So, brands that have more than 750 thousand followers recorded a monthly average of 160,000 interactions, representing an average of 289 responses twit; while those whose community ranges enter half a million and 750 thousand followers did not exceed 100 interactions publication (94).

The key to generating interactions lies in knowing how to combine branded content with a personalized message, so that attract the audience get a more direct way. This is the strategy followed by 69% of the major brands, as reflected study published in August by Brandwatch, highlighting the quality of content and differentiation as essential for success.

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