How to choose a great wallet

When choosing a great wallet, you might just want one that fits into your pockets, but does it look good? You might just want one that looks good, but is it functional? With a wide selection of different styles of wallets available, you may not consider that choosing a great wallet is a difficult task. However, it is important to choose a wallet that fits all your needs, as well as one that looks good too, so it is worth putting some thought into.

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Wallet styles to suit you

There are many different styles of wallets available, including bifold wallets, tri-fold wallets, money clip wallets, credit cardholders, coin wallets, as well as travel wallets.

Bifold and tri-fold wallets are a popular and stylish choice for many and come slimline with slots for money, cards and receipts. A bifold wallet will usually just fold in half, however a tri-fold wallet such as the black Secrid wallet from a company such as EJ Menswear, comes with a special area for cards and a separate area for cash, and clips shut to make it compact. The Tri-fold wallets, like the black Secrid wallet, usually come with an additional flap, meaning that it folds twice, making it possible to store more items than the bifold wallet.

If you are looking to just store your loose change away, coin wallets are perfect, however they don’t have room for cards or notes. The functionality of a money clip wallet is great. It is organised and can typically store cards and cash, but also fit neatly in your pocket. Credit cardholders are also a slimline and nifty wallet to use as you can easily access your cards in one place while also keeping them safe from damage.

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The size of your wallet is important, depending on your needs. You may not want a wallet that fit in your back pocket if you have a satchel or bag with you. You may like wallets with lots of space, which means you should find something compact. Or you may like the bare necessities of a wallet that can only carry cards, or cash.

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