Google+ retrieves Events and begins to hide slightly relevant comments

Google decided to completely redesign the look of Google+ by the end of 2015, focusing its social network on communities and collections, but shedding other useful elements for its users like events. Since then few changes have been implemented, but it seems that does not mean that Google+ has been forgotten.

And is that this morning Google has announced another batch of changes for Google+ based on what they say in the opinions of its users. In this case, three changes have been implemented: return of events, improvements in the images of your web client, and automatic concealment of poor quality responses.

Google+ retrieves Events and begins to hide slightly relevant commentsThese are the Google+ changes

First, what we might consider the most controversial change is to hide part of the comments we receive in a post. According to Google, the purpose is to have pleasant conversations seeing only the most relevant comments so that we can focus on them, and to avoid that we see those that qualify as poor quality.

You have not specified what you will consider to be bad for a comment, so we still can not know how much it will really influence the conversations. In any case, what has said is that in the context menu will include the option “View all comments” to be able to display those that have been hidden.

It has also announced that they have made changes to try to take full advantage of the size of our screens and show less blanks, one of the shortcomings that has been dragging Google+ for years redesign after redesign. They have also added a zoom function to view in detail the high resolution photos that are shared, something for which the RAISR technique explained a few days ago will be essential.

Finally, Google+ will restore your event function. From next January 24 we will be able to re-create and join events, although this time they will not be part of the G Suite. From that day will also disappear the classic design of the web, so we will have to make the leap yes or yes to the new design that was optional until now.

Google remembers that they have not forgotten Google+ and promise that they will continue to listen to users to improve it to their liking, so they invite all users to continue sending feedback.

It seems therefore that although Google+ has lost all the prominence it once had and is seeing how some of its functions are emancipated, the search company seems to have an intention to keep their social network alive. Good news especially for free software enthusiasts, because Google+ is still used by high-level GNU / Linux world profiles.

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