Google works in an application so you can edit photos with your friends and colleagues

Google is still looking for more solutions to conquer social ecosystems. While the search engine company puts order in one of the sectors of its social applications, the messaging, is working on a new photographic application that has the peculiarity of allowing you to edit photos collaboratively.

The information has come to TechCrunch, who defines it as a mix of Path merged with Snapchat filters plus an artificial intelligence system from Google. The search engine company has actually confirmed the existence of the application, although trying to play a little to the confusion regarding its importance.

And on the one hand Google has ensured that it is simply one of the many experiments that are always taking place. While, on the other, the sources that have revealed to TechCrunch the existence of the App has assured them that one of their plans could be to unveil it during the Google I / O event next May, although the media warns that right now no specific date has been set for its launch.

This is what is known about the new application

Internal TechCrunch sources have not yet given a name to the new Google app, but they have defined how it works. The main thing is that it seems that we are not dealing with a new messaging application with photos, but rather with a photo editing tool in which users can create groups to share photos, and all the members of this group can retouch and tag them.

Google will apply its computer vision technology, the one it already uses on YouTube, Photos and its image search engine. With it the application can identify and label objects in the image to help organize them for future searches. This AI will also help edit and apply filters in photography.

We can therefore wait to see if the application is finally presented in May or if the search engine company decides to wait a little longer. It also remains to be seen what other applications will interact with, although it seems that one of them could be Google Photos.

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