Choosing vitamins and supplements beneficial for the whole family including fish oil

We are all responsible for our own health but when you have a family you are also responsible for the health of your children and teaching them how to create a quality lifestyle for themselves. A balanced diet and a good amount of physical exercise is all that is takes for many but some people also like to take advantage of the benefits that can be gained through taking certain vitamin and nutritional supplements. Rather than having lots of bottles taking up space and different products for different family members, it’s a good idea to research those supplements such as fish oil that is beneficial to just about everyone regardless of age and health. This way your whole family can take the supplements together and reap the benefits. The choice out there is plentiful so here are some of the top choices that you should consider.

Fish oil pills containing omega-3 fatty acids are a popular nutritional supplement.


Multivitamins are an excellent choice for the family, because as the name suggests they provide a number of different vitamins and minerals all within one tablet. Whilst different brands and product contain a slightly different formula and proportions, most of them will contain the most common vitamins minerals including vitamins C,D , E, A and often iron and zinc as well. When the entire family is taking one of these every day, even when you miss the occasional portion of fruit or vegetables, your body will still be receiving the essential nutrients.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in fortified foods such as milk and cereal but can also be absorbed through the skin from sunlight. Anyone that is not regularly exposed to the darker can benefit from vitamin D tablets and many families opt for them during the darker winter months.


Omega-3 is found in a number of foods with the most common being oily fish. It is an extremely beneficial form of fatty acid that is good for the brain and the body. It can be hard to incorporate into the diet naturally in adequate proportions so fish oil supplements are fairly common. Again they are safe for the whole family and are excellent for improving memory both in aging parents and studying children.


Probiotics can be found in certain dairy products such as yoghurt and are also sometimes known as healthy bacteria. They help to balance out the bad bacteria in the digestive system to help remove harmful toxins and promote a healthy immune system.

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