Do you want to gain muscle? The key is in your recovery

There are many aspects that influence the possibility of hypertrophy, but certainly the most neglected of them is the process of recovery which is essential if you want to gain muscle and so then tell you what it is and how to promote their achievement.

Why do we need to recover?

We all focus on training when the goal is to gain muscle, and while it is very important, it will not produce the desired effects if we do not achieve an adequate recovery later.

Do you want to gain muscle The key is in your recoveryIf you love each other hipertrofiar recovery is a key process that should not stop caring, as with training for muscle usually produce a breakdown of muscle fibers that are those that need repair and grow after precisely during the recovery process.

Under the principle of overcompensation we need a full recovery process that includes rest and proper nutrition in order to not only restore and repair the damaged structures but also go further and gain muscle that is what we are looking for.

On the other hand, if we make a proper recovery process we reduce fatigue and muscle pain that usually follows an intense workout, taking the possibility of resuming activity in perfect condition for maximum efficiency.

Likewise, a proper process of recovery depend on our hormones and so if we eat well rested and able to create the ideal conditions in our body to gain muscle mass.

For all these reasons , and especially because it is as or more important than training, we must pay attention to the process of recovery if we want to gain muscle.

How to promote muscle recovery

Recovery, as we have said, is the process that allows us to give rise to overcompensation in the body, repair and restore structures and of course grow.

Many times we mistakenly believe that muscle recovery is only achieved at rest, resting. However, while the rest right is very important, we also need proper nutrition and hydration to achieve this process.

Thus, we must avoid the common mistake of little rest and care for the night’s sleep, at which levels increase growth hormone and cortisol is reduced, both determinants of proper anabolism and muscle recovery.

On the other hand, it rests not only involves sleep, but also, let untrained muscles at least one day. If all the time we are training intensely to hypertrophy and breaking muscle fibers and we never leave time to repair them, we will never achieve a true recovery and therefore, there will never be gain of muscle mass.

Another key aspect is the hydration correct, we recommend you make water – based only and that is sufficient to facilitate the functioning of the metabolism and processes including anabolism is.

What we eat can also be crucial, for example, if we avoid alcohol, offer enough calories, carbohydrates quality protein in adequate amounts, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats, we are favoring the production of hormones that help hipertrofiar and providing everything Which the body needs to repair and create new muscle fibers.

Other aspects that can help are perform active rest in which we train hard but not perform low – intensity activities that promotes blood circulation and removal of substances that generate the dreaded shoelaces. For example, we can walk at an easy pace, pedaling at a slow pace or similar activities.

The stretching to help relax muscle fibers and promote proper blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness are also important if we want to promote muscle recovery.

You know, if you want to gain muscle is key recovery care of your body and therefore must not only sleep but proper training must be accompanied by all aspects named above if you want to get to hipertrofiar.

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