Blocked Drains Can Cause Unnecessary Problems

Blocked drains are plumbing fixtures in both commercial and residential buildings which are designed to prevent the flow of waste water from one area into another. A drain is basically the main channel or tube for waste water or liquid waste to be diverted, either to an external recipient, funneled to an internal recipient, or otherwise run to sewers or other stormwater drain systems as waste disposal to be released into the environment.

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All drainage systems eventually end up in a drain pipe that transports liquid waste water to a sewer or septic tank. These pipes may be sloped or not, depending on the nature of the drain itself. In order to inspect these pipes with a minimal amount of disruption you should look to use the services of a CCTV Surveys Cheltenham company.

Simple types of drainage blockages can be prevented by simply cleaning out any overflow holes which may occur after any large pour or overflow. This is important in preventing the spread of stagnant water along the flooring and walls of a room as well as in preventing water from overflowing into the room itself.

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As mentioned above, many types of blocked drains are caused by overflowing drains; some of the more common causes include sewer and storm drain problems, tree root intrusion, and blockages caused by overflowing gutters. In many instances, a simple cleaning of drains will prevent these issues, although in the case of flooding or other emergency situations, blocking drains is usually necessary to prevent serious damage to the environment or to prevent the spread of infection.

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