Is it worth putting tiles on the kitchen walls?

kitchen walls

Do you plan to reform the kitchen of your home soon? Well the first thing you must decide is if you are going to hire the services of a professional or you will take care you of the work itself, rather than only recommend if you are an expert, because during the project may have numerous complications that you may not know solve, which will make the reform will leave more expensive. In addition, the result is always better with the first option. Once you are clear what you do, you will touch other decisions, such as the type of wall and floor tiles, furniture, colors, textiles … What is now going to do is focus on the first of these elements: coatings the walls.

As you know, traditionally it has been chosen to cover the walls of the kitchen with tile but it really worth it? Coming up next, we tell you!

Think use

Although until recently the only alternative seemed to be to coat the walls of the kitchen was tiled, today there are many people who choose other options, such as wood or stone coverings, paint, wallpaper or the combination of different materials. This is because the role of the kitchen has changed over the years, gradually becoming a place that little kitchen area but acts as a social house. Furthermore, lead is increasingly open kitchens. What we mean is that before decanter by one or the other thing you should do is think about the use we are going to give the space and your personal tastes, among other things.

kitchen walls

A material with many advantages

With this in mind, do you think that cover the walls of your kitchen with tiles worth? Well, the first thing we say is that the popularity of this material in the kitchen does not meet aesthetic issues, but rather to its functionality. And it is that the tiles are very durable and easy to clean, two very important features in a kitchen as much as the extraction system is of very good quality, always end up smearing the walls because of the fumes, grease, smoke … If you go for the tiles, you can clean virtually any product and quickly, with very good results, which does not happen with other materials such as, for example, painting, even though it is washable.

The customs have changed

Undoubtedly, the tiles are the best choice in kitchens where much cooking. However, the customs have changed much in recent years and every time you cook less. If this is your case, then you can allow other coating, because the walls do not get dirty kitchens as well as in much use. In these cases, a very common option is to cover only the tiled wall work, which is what gets dirtier, while for the rest of the walls can opt for other materials, such as paint or wallpaper. Of course, maintaining the walls in these cases will be more work. For example, in the case of painting, you must paint often enough, while if you go for some wood for the walls, you will occasionally varnish.

Open kitchens

As I have said before, nowadays usually opt for the design of open kitchens. If this is your case, then the option of tiling the walls may not be the best aesthetically speaking. Of course, in these cases it is still a good idea to opt for wall tiles for work, as is always the risk of splashing or other dirt.

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