Three Ways to Update your Home for Summer 2021

With what feels like the longest and hardest winter ever well behind us, now is the time to start looking forward to the summer months with optimism. If you want to bring a fresh start into your home as well here are some of the best home decorating trends for the Summer of 2021…


Mix and Match Patterns – As we wave goodbye to the minimalist looks that have dominated the past decade or so, we introduce much more patterns and colour back into the home just at the right time! Florals, stripes spots – whatever you fancy, choose a colour palette and use accessories such as cushions to embrace the bold and beautiful abundance of patterns that are everywhere!

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Bolder Colours – When it comes to colour, it seems that the long love affair with all the shades of grey is starting to come to an end, with more and more people hankering after a bit of colour in their home. Deep navy blues, rich greens and bright reds are all making appearances in homes now, adding that bit of depth and personality to the home. When you are painting with darker and bolder colours, it is best to get a professional like these painters Cheltenham based JS Decorating in as the bolder colours are much less forgiving of mistakes!

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Wood – Wood is making a big comeback once again. Making the home feel cosy and stylish wooden furniture has taken a back seat in recent years, but it is very much coming back – and not just in furniture. Flooring is also something that is seeing something of a wooden revival.

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