Why CCTV Drainage Surveys Are Used

CCTV drainage surveys can be undertaken by companies which specialise in CCTV security systems installation and maintenance. CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit Television and refers to a system which records video footage from a remote area and then acts as a communication device between the camera and a remote location. These systems are now so advanced that the operator can see images anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the right wire.

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A CCTV drainage surveys, like those from Wilkinson Environmental,  can provide vital evidence if you are trying to identify why a particular drain has become blocked. CCTV drainage camera inspections can help to locate where the blockages are occurring and this then allows the qualified surveyor to find the problem using specialist equipment. Not only is this good evidence for any legal claims that may arise, but it is also good evidence for businesses that are currently using CCTV , as it helps them to identify potential problems before they adversely affect the functioning of their drains. With a CCTV drain inspection, the business owner can then take action to prevent similar blockages from occurring in the future, which can save the company money and time as well as reducing the risk of loss of property or contamination of water supplies.

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CCTV drainage surveys can be carried out by companies who specialise in CCTV security equipment installation and maintenance. They will provide the client with a qualified surveyor, either one who works from inside the building, or one who works out of their premises. Once all the CCTV security cameras are installed, the surveyor will create a detailed report, including all the findings of the camera inspections.

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