How Do Trees Get Damaged During Storms?

Trees can get damaged in a number of ways; they can be damaged by lightning, hail, high winds, and too much rain. A tree can also be damaged by animals, insects, fungi, and even people. Some types of trees are more susceptible to damage than others are. For instance, trees that are very close together, such as over a sidewalk or street, or have leaves that fall off the trees regularly can be damaged more easily from hail storms than trees that are spread out.

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One reason that a tree can get damaged during a storm is if it breaks. When a tree breaks during a storm, especially if there are wind speeds exceeding eighty miles per hour, debris from the broken branches fly into the air and can end up in other areas which can be hazardous. As the wind blows over the damaged area, the wind carries the broken pieces of the tree into other parts of the storm. To check the safety of trees on your land, consult with a Dorset Tree Surgeon like Kieran Boyland Tree Surgeon

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Storms are very unpredictable events, and a tree can easily get severely damaged from one in just a few hours. While no one wants to think about their home being ruined by a tree, it is a reality and it happens every day across the country from winter storms to flooding. If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, then your best protection is to make sure your trees are strong and healthy before a storm comes, and to check them regularly after a storm has passed to make sure they are still standing.

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