Create an Epic Blockbuster Movie by incorporating professional Drone Filming.

The ultimate excitement and thrill a great Director will get by creating an expertly shot Blockbuster Movie will no doubt be enhanced by them including some professional Drone Filming.  An experienced and fully qualified team such as could help you to achieve the bespoke, special effects that only sky-high filming can portray.  The Season Three filming of “A Discovery of Witches” included several scenes captured by the Drone experts, making this the most exciting and exhilarating season yet.  Your Movie could also aspire to being the most talked about, enthralling film that has been made for a long time by incorporating these specialist filming techniques.

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Using a Drone operated by a fully qualified technician and exceptional quality broadcasting equipment they can guarantee high-speed and high-energy results for any film, making it more exciting and captivating for your audience. Outdoors or Indoors their range of different Drones can be used to capture any sequence.  They can even mount one of their bespoke Drones on the back of a vehicle capturing any exciting chase scene in the best possible way.

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Having the experience and expertise in this bespoke business these professionals have all the necessary contacts needed to ensure your filming sequences can go ahead no matter where the location. They can use their 10m CAA permission and get your shot where many others cannot, and they have a 1000ft permit already in place allowing your filming to proceed smoothly.

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