Do you need to install an antivirus?

Currently Internet is one of our greatest resources work, communication and entertainment, being present in virtually all devices. Despite the many advantages that provide this type of connection, we found some drawbacks among which the cyber attacks on our electronics, the famous and feared virus. To avoid them, nothing better than having one antivirus quality.

Do you need to install an antivirusInstall an antivirus

And we’re not aware of how important it is to have this kind of, sometimes basic security tools. Otherwise, our team would find exposed to multiple threats, as viruses can enter it through infected websites, emails, advertising, and in general, any kind of document.

These can seriously damage the system, causing the computer to run slowly or constantly committing errors; sometimes even it becomes unusable until the virus is eliminated. They can also erase all data and documents that we keep on the PC. Furthermore, it is common to use these computer attacks to find out personal information such as the number of credit card.

All these threats have intensified with the rise of the embedded Internet devices, such as phones, tablets, e-books, etc. They must remain specially protected because of its frequent use and ease of theft, since we usually continuously transported from one place to another.

In fact, today the Android operating system is the major focus of new viruses, because in less than 12 months, more than 900,000 threats and millions of devices have been infected have come to appear. This is due, above all, the high level of application downloads, which often hide malicious files.

Avoiding threats

We can avoid these problems with an antivirus specially prepared to block these attacks. An example is the Panda Protection Service, suitable for all devices and is available for free. No fixed term, then we can cancel the service at any time without penalty.

This antivirus fulfills important functions as pointing out where our mobile in case of theft or loss. It is also able to block its use should it fall into foreign hands, so that no one can access our personal information, even after changing the SIM card. Also, this antivirus real – time indicates battery consumption that involves the use of each application, thereby optimizing performance.

In addition, Panda Protection Service can block content inappropriate in order to protect all family members. Also defends our domestic network from intrusion by third parties, and kept safe photos and personal files.

As you can see, the installation of an antivirus such as Panda Protection Service is particularly important to maintain the good state of our computer system.

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