Samsung Galaxy S TabPro, maximum performance and productivity

Higher performance, superior viewing experience and a slimmer and portable design are some of the most characteristic features of the new Samsung Galaxy S TabPro, have you heard of it?

Is it possible to enjoy the advantages of portability of a tablet and power of a PC in your hand? The sector of new technologies will witness the arrival of a new revolution that will change the world of computing as we know it.

Samsung Galaxy S TabPro, maximum performance and productivityHow is the new Samsung Galaxy S TabPro?

This great change comes from the hand of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S TabPro, that will offer high productivity both at home and at work thanks to the incorporation of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro operating systems. This new device is designed to be easily transported thanks to that has a thickness of about 6, 3 mm and a weight of about 693 grams.

Besides all this, one can not overlook the fact that Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is also committed to incorporating the first multi – touch screen Super AMOLED for Windows in the sector, a fact that will become the demand of the fans of this type of technology. Thanks to the 12 – inch screen, you can view the games, movies and other entertainment content with the highest quality.

Beyond presented as the first 2 in 1 computer running Windows, this device supports LTE Cat 6 for a much faster and effective role. As if this were not enough, for higher performance, Samsung Galaxy S TabPro is equipped with the latest Core M processor Inter since their not inconsiderable 4.5 W consumption are able to end the persistent noise.

The new Samsung Galaxy S TabPro be available in three different models: Windows Pro and WiFi and Windows Pro and LTE.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy S TabPro? How was your experience?

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