Six Copper Pipe Applications

Copper piping is an extremely versatile component, which is why you will find it being used in a wide range of applications, in both industrial and domestic environments. Read on to discover six popular uses for copper pipes.

Water Distribution Systems

One application for copper piping is found right in the home: it carries the water that we use to drink, wash with, or feed into appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Thanks to copper’s hygienic material properties, it enables water to be used from our taps safely for many years.

Indeed, copper piping may even be used as a way for insurance companies to detect instances of water fraud, as described here

Gas Fuel Distribution

Copper piping also makes a great choice for a fuel or gas delivery system. Using small-diameter copper pipes and connectors is a safe and reliable way to bring gas-type fuels into residential and commercial properties, without taking up too much space. There are a range of specialist copper pipe connectors required which can be seen at a specialist site such as

Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Heaters and Ventilators

Copper piping is extremely strong, resists corrosion, and boasts impressive thermal resistance, which makes it the perfect choice for use in refrigerators and air conditioning systems, as well as in heating and ventilation systems.

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Medical Gas and Vacuum Equipment

For critical care equipment that supplies the patient with essential gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, or medical air, copper piping ensures a reliable, safe delivery system that can be trusted for the most delicate of cases. It also forms part of the mechanism in the medical vacuum devices. Copper’s natural anti-microbial properties make it the ideal option for medical tools which need to be spotlessly clean.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Copper pipes can also help to keep us safe when fire breaks out, thanks to their role in fire sprinkler systems. Copper pipe does not burn or rust, which makes it a perfect choice for delivering clean water when it’s needed most.

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Irrigation and Agricultural Sprinkler Systems

In addition to being used in fire safety sprinklers, copper pipes have the durability and ability to withstand corrosion that makes them suited to agricultural sprinkler and irrigation systems. So, whether you are watering your plants at home, or eating vegetables that were watered on an industrial scale, you will be benefiting from copper piping every day.

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