What effective thermal spray operators do

Thermal spray operators are an important part of ensuring that products receive thorough and effective coatings. Without them, substandard coatings could damage the appearance or longevity of the product. That is why it is important that all spray operators carefully consider how they can be more effective.

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Effective procedures start before the spraying begins. If using nickel composites such as those found at poeton.co.uk/advanced-treatments/apticote-460-nickel-composites, first you need to clean the surface to be processed and ensure all equipment has the correct settings.

Clean and tidy

Workshops can easily become untidy and dirty thanks to the materials and processes used. An effective operator, however, will still take the time to mop up spills, clear off worktops, clean all equipment and generally minimise opportunities for hazardous clutter and grease to accumulate.


An organised operator will have all his tools close to hand, each stored in the most appropriate and accessible way. His time and his space will all be organised, so he never has to leave his post.

Proper procedures

There are many types of thermal spray, but whichever process you follow, every stage, from preparation to spraying to documentation to delivery, should have its own formal procedure, based on written instructions. This will improve overall efficiency.

Consistency and parameters

Spray parameters are the strict instructions based on quantifiable measurements that govern all spraying. All parameters should be followed at all times. All processes should generally be conducted consistently, in line with the official procedure.

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Taking responsibility for their own work and any errors means thermal spray operators fully inspect and document their products and processes at every stage. Thus quality can be checked and problems swiftly identified.

By developing these habits and following these procedures, you can ensure the most effective and consistent performance from a thermal spray operator.

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