Great uses for woodchips

Do you have excessive piles of woodchips lying in the garden? Whether you’ve been cutting back trees or felling, there could well be chips all over the place. If you’re a keen woodworker, your workshop or garage might also be gathering piles of shavings, dust and chips. Instead of binning this waste, why not put it to good use? Woodchips are an organic treasure with a wealth of great applications and here are some useful ways to put those chips to good use:

  1. Mulch

It is old, but classic. Wood chips achieve two important things for foliage: they assist plants in retaining water, as well as keep warm. They are also perfect for preventing weed growth in garden beds, making it simpler to get rid of them from time to time. Use a layer of wood chips in the garden in the spring to give it a clean, tidy, and attractive appearance, and do it again in the autumn to keep your plants safe from freezing and snow. You might also need to include some nitrogen fertilizer to meet the needs of your plants, and make sure to get rid of existing mulch before mulching again so that your plants are not buried.

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  1. Composting materials

Wood chips contain a lot of carbon, and they are great for soil. Only by using them as mulch, you will improve your soil conditions – but you can also add them to your compost as carbon or “brown” layers. They will break down and enrich the soil, making it that much more nutritious for plants.

  1. Fuel

As with most wood types, wood chips act as a great fuel, and they are very useful for starting fires. They are also ideal for Briquetting Machines, which can be used to biomass blocks for providing heat. Find out more at a site like

  1. Walkways

Another classic use for woodchips is to create a path. They will even out the soil and provide weed suppression in the garden and lawn area. Before starting on the path, lay down weed barrier to increase the longevity of the pathway.

  1. Decoration

When creating a flower display in a vase with dried or artificial flowers, wood chips can be used to steady them and hold them in place. Wood chips are also used in the construction of furniture and works of art, in which the variable colours, shapes, and patterns they can make a lot of visual interest.

  1. Recreation area

Wood chips are natural alternatives to rubber, and are useful in softening potential fall and provide a safe, sturdy surface for children to play on. A play area can be designed in your garden using wood chips, swings, and other supplies – but make sure you check regularly and ensure they are kept in good condition to reduce the risk of injury.

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  1. Erosion control

While wood chips are a temporary fix, they can cope with a courtyard area where erosion occurs while you develop a long-term plan. Use them to create a barrier to prevent loss of soil, especially during heavy rains, while you are talking with a landscaper about the choice of better drainage to keep the garden in good condition.

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