How to give your home’s exterior a makeover

Spring is here, even though the bad weather seems to have settled in. This is often a time when people consider renovation work to their homes, planning ahead ready for the warm months. When it comes to looking at the exterior of your home a little makeover can have a large impact on the value of your property, when it is done right and can also make your home more aesthetically appealing from the outside. These works can be cosmetic and relatively quick and easy to complete, right through to full works that may see the need for other professionals to help you.

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Here are some exterior works that you may want to consider:

  • Roofing – if your properties roof has seen better days or you perhaps have lost a few tiles in the recent storms you will want to have these replaced. You can have individual tiles repaired and replaced or you may want to consider having a whole new roof put in place. This will depend on the age of your property and the roof in particular and the budget that you have available.
  • Windows – this can be another quick fix. If your windows have seen better days and perhaps are no longer energy efficient you may want to look at upgrading these. UPVC frames are standard nowadays and you can find a variety of different glass styles depending on what look you are hoping to achieve as well as how much noise you are hoping to block out and the energy efficiency levels of your home.

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  • Extensions – if you are looking for larger space at home you may want to consider an extension. This will of course require planning permission and a larger budget than the above two suggestions. Depending on the style that you decide to go for, you may need the expertises of a Flat Roofing Bristol company such as to ensure that your roof is suitable and fitted correctly. No-one wants a leaking roof!
  • Driveway cover – if your driveway is in need of a cover you might want to consider investing in a car port or creating a sheltered area yourself. You can create freestanding shelters that can be attached to your home and will provide cover for your vehicles during the extremes of weather. It is important to ensure that this structure is able to withstand the high winds, rain and snow that we can see here in the UK.

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