What’s Hot for Hair in 2018?

Now we’ve entered a new year, it’s a great time for a new ‘do’. Last year was all about braids, bobs and blondes, so what will 2018 bring? Last year was a very experimental time for hairstyles but will we see an increase in flattering and highly wearable looks this year?
Here we look at some of the predicted trends for 2018 women’s hair:

Boyish Good Looks

The brand ambassador of Charles Worthington states that boyish styles will be on trend this year, with many adopting the androgynous look like the bowl cut. If you’re not sure, just remember that it’s perfect for any age and requires minimal styling time. It’s a retro trend that was big in the 80s and a softer version is set to make a resurgence this year.

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Keeping it Straight

Don’t put your straighteners away just yet as this year is going straight down the line. Super straight styles are the ones to watch, with a mid to long length glossy blunt cut. With blunt cuts on the edges and softer textured layers to give it great movement, it’s an easy to style ‘do’ and super glam. Why not update your cosmetics for a full 2018 makeover? If you have brushes you’re attached to and don’t want to throw them out, why not clean them instead? Yes, you can clean your facial brushes to keep your complexion spotless. For the Stylpro brush cleaner, visit http://www.beautymatters.ie

The Ponytail

Another top tip from top stylists for this year is to ditch the hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally whilst pulled back in a ponytail. How easy is this to do? It’s also healthy for hair and protects it from heat damage. Keeping it natural, pulled back and dressed up with embellished bows and clips is a wearable, fun look that’s easy to do.
Don’t worry about looking too schoolgirl if you keep it soft, instead you’ll achieve a classy, sophisticated look.

Colour Trends

Shades that sound good enough to eat will be all the rage this year. Think smooth chocolate browns and honey-gold syrup. Both shades demonstrate beautiful healthy shine and gloss. The goal is for nourished and rich colours, with an emphasis on looking healthy.

It might not be the case that blondes have more fun anymore, but they are certainly having a ball this year. It’s the perfect time for turning those locks golden as there are so many shades available right now. Whether you choose pastel yellow or metallic gold, going for the whole head or a pop of colour on the fringe. Go a shade blonder for the summer months to really freshen up your look.

Red or Dead

It’s going to be pretty fun for the glamourous red heads too as there are some exciting shades coming this year. From coppery hues to fiery crimsons, there’s a shade fit for everyone.

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