Biggest Mistakes in Web Design

Web design is a broad field that covers everything from layout and user journeys to content, SEO and multimedia. Web design mistakes can seriously impact website performance and lead to lost business. Here are some common website design mistakes that should be avoided.

Designing a website without clearly identifying the business purpose is a major mistake that can lead to multiple issues including poor web traffic, low conversions and bad reputation. Drafting a clear business purpose or mission and keeping it in mind throughout the whole process is an effective way to avoid making this web design mistake.

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Not understanding the audience and brand image is another big mistake that can negatively affect a website. It is essential to do extensive research on the target market and competitors when designing a website. This will help in ensuring that the final product matches the expectations of the users and serves the business goals.

Using images that are too small or low quality can also be detrimental to the website. They can be hard to read and look unprofessional. Moreover, using irrelevant or excessive imagery can make the website look cluttered and difficult to navigate. Hence, it is essential to use relevant and high-quality images that are easy on the eyes for the audience.

A website with broken links is a major web design mistake that can negatively impact the website’s search engine rankings and reputation. It is important to regularly check and fix broken links on the website. For help with Web Design Yorkshire, contact

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Another big mistake is not optimising a website for speed. This can be done by using a content delivery network, merging files, deleting pointless files and minimizing the number of HTTP requests. A website that takes too long to load can result in visitors leaving it and going to a competitor’s site.

It is also a major mistake to use too many font types and styles. Using too many different fonts makes the website harder to read and causes confusion for the visitor. It also decreases cognitive fluency, which is the ability to understand and process information quickly.

Lastly, not giving sufficient call-to-action is a major web design mistake. Websites are like marketing and sales funnels or pipelines, and they must be designed to guide the users from the prospects’ stage to the converted clients’ stage. Providing a clear and effective CTA at the right places can significantly improve the website’s conversion rate.

Website security is not usually considered as part of the web design process, but it is a very important aspect that must be taken into account. If the website is not secured, it can be hacked and private data can be stolen by unauthorized individuals.

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