Why some companies are starting to become disenchanted Social Networks?

I, like many, I struggled to understand at the time the appeal of Facebook or usefulness of Twitter. The concept of “Social Network” as we have now taken and normalized seemed a contradiction in itself: hours and hours in front of the. What socializing?

But the truth is that, like it or not, gradually social networks have become the backbone of our relationships with family, friends and acquaintances.We can even feel closer to people whom we follow or admire. It is easier than ever to share thoughts, opinions, photos, videos, … but also tastes, affinities and recommendations.

Why some companies are starting to become disenchanted Social NetworksNetworks are primarily a communication channel.

The importance of social networks for businesses is something we are most aware. Traditional media (radio, television, press, …) attract less and less public attention and unidirectional, massive and non-targeted advertising has a very limited effectiveness.

That’s how many decide to take the “big step” and take your online presence a little beyond the traditional and often ineffective corporate website. Open a twitter account, a Facebook page (or profile if they’re clueless) and soon was disillusioned. Sales do not improve, hardly anyone interacts with its publications and conclude that it is a waste of time and effort Valdio.

This mode profiles that are initially active until exhaustion own and others, become real undead abandoned and forgotten by their creators in a few months.

What went wrong ?. Does this social networking is nothing more than a story ?, a futile and useless fashion ?.

I do not think so. What happens is that the medium is not understood, not working properly and also have very unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved.

I will insist: Social networks are a communication channel.

Things for which they serve social networks:

  • Projecting a positive and close our brand, products and services image.
  • Provide support, information and customer service.
  • Establish and strengthen relationships and synergies with suppliers, customers and, why not, with the competition.
  • Receive feedback . First – hand information from users of our products and services.
  • And manage critical problems that may arise.
  • Disseminate relevant information on the sector in which we work.
  • Define ourselves as leaders in our field of activity.
  • Improve the positioning of our website or online store on Google and other search engines.

Things not to do in social networks:

  • Advertising, understood the more traditional way.
  • Talk only about myself, my business, my products, services, offers and promotions.
  • Making direct sales, cold calls.
  • And saturate bombard our audience information.
  • Ignore, neglect or generally not properly manage criticism.
  • Trying to get economic results quickly.

And we must not forget that social networks are above all that, SOCIAL.They are made to relate to people and you have to address them as you would in the offline world: with courtesy, kindness and patience. Patience to build a relationship of trust, complicity and faithfulness. always using ethics, reliable information and personal and close attention.

It is recovering humanity in trade relations, to create a true emotional bond, of putting the interest of your clients above other considerations. Not to seek economic gain immediate and primary objective of every publication, every social interaction.

Make genuine use of social networks, it is work and dedication, but above all it requires intelligence, sensitivity, empathy and strategy. A strategy not seen as a maneuver to manipulate, but as a way forward to influence, to be relevant, respected and appreciated. To be as efficient as possible without wasting time or effort.

No, a community manager can not be a fellow underpaid by pressing “like” and “compatriot” here and there. It must be a full strategist with charisma and easy to empathize, to build relationships. With freedom and sufficient to make decisions of some importance in the company that represents responsibility. To resolve sensitive issues or raise actions. Otherwise your social profiles, your company will not be more than a game to waste time.

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