The party’s over: reusing those expensive party season outfits

If you invested in expensive outfits for the Christmas party season, you may now be counting the cost and wondering what you can do with the outfits you bought. Here we look at some ways that you can get your money’s worth from the outfits you spent so long choosing.

The partys over reusing those expensive party season outfits

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According to the Express, recent research reveals that women will try on at least seven dresses, spend two hours looking online and visit the high street three times to find the perfect outfit for the party season, but what happens when the party season is over?

How to reuse a party season outfit

Depending on the style of your party season outfit, there may be the opportunity to wear it, or parts of it, on other occasions. If you are attending events such as weddings and balls, then your dresses can probably be reused. Likewise, elements of outfits, such as jackets and shoes, could be worn with other items to create whole new outfits. If you invested in bags, shoes or boots, such as the Kate Appleby ankle boot, these can also be teamed with other items to make whole new combinations.

If you keep hold of your festive party outfits and want to reuse them next year, look for new accessories such as jewellery, handbags and shoes to create a whole new look.

Donate, sell or swap

One way to get rid of an unwanted outfit is to donate it to charity; however, if you don’t want to keep an outfit but can’t justify donating it to charity, there are some alternatives. You could try selling it via an online auction site, which could result in extra money to buy shoes from websites such as or to put towards next year’s outfit.

Alternatively, get together with some friends and have a clothes swapping party. These parties are a great idea and mean that not only will you get rid of your party outfit but also you will be guaranteed a whole new outfit in return.

Now you have some ideas for either reusing your party outfit or doing something else with it that won’t leave you out of pocket and may even result in a whole new outfit, you can start planning what to wear to your next big event.

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