Adding light to your home

The amount of natural light in a room can affect your mood. Rooms blessed with light helps us increase our vitamin D and improves our positivity.

Brighter rooms make us happier, have more energy and feel more vibrant.

Take a walk from room to room and make a quick assessment of the natural light levels – where it comes from and where any problems lie.

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Do you have a living room that is too dark, or do all the rooms need more natural light? Is a dark wood floor in a small space absorbing all the natural light around you? Is your problem heavy furniture or small windows?

Adding more shiny surfaces can create more light that is reflected back into the room. Using objects such as candles, brass lamps, gold door knobs gold or silver picture frames and mirrors should be part of your decorating strategy. They help to bounce light around your room.

A large wall mirror is a perfect decorating touch; and there are so many styles to choose: antique mirrors, bevelled mirror, sunburst or Venetian mirror.

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Another option is the installation of Bifold doors as these add so much more light into the home. For more details, Shop for bifold doors here.

Paint ideas for dark rooms include neutral colours; such as taupe, grey and white walls to increase the light in a darker space. Lighter paint colours will make the space feel lighter. Ensure you choose light colours that reflect, not absorb light.


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