Timeless tiling choices − three essential tips

tiling choices

With a little thought and preparation, tiling − particularly in the bathroom − can be a stylish option that does not date. Here we look at three timeless design ideas.

tiling choices

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Lots of white

White makes a space look clean, which is exactly what you want in a bathroom. Look at white tile splashbacks and edges at the very least, and don’t be afraid to tile full walls. Mixing up the shape and texture of the tiles can add interest and break up wide expanses if necessary.

Think beyond the tiles. White accessories will look bright and clean, while bright white, hotel-style towels are the perfect finishing touch to add a hint of luxury.

Watercolour tiling

Many people want to make their bathroom into an oasis of calm − a soothing space that reflects their own idea of spa-like luxury. Beautiful tones of green and blue capture this feeling of serenity well and open up endless opportunities.

Dark wood works well with white, if all-white feels a bit clinical, and goes equally well with watercolours. It provides a good contrast, with a chocolate or walnut colour adding warmth into the space.

Go bold

There is nothing to say you can’t use your favourite colour in the bathroom, of course, and if this a primary colour, so be it. To keep a timeless feel to your bathroom, use your favourite colour either as an accent colour on accessories − such as towels and bath mats, which can be updated easily if you change your mind − or use paint on a wall. Tiling can be harder to update and is a far bigger project.

If you are going to undertake the work yourself, prepare the area properly first. Plan the space and the project and equip yourself with the right tools. The work you do before starting the tiling might seem to take longer than the project itself, but preparing well will save time and money in the long run.

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Making the decision to redecorate is the easy bit, but you can still have fun choosing the style and then the tiles and accessories.

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