Gifts This Christmas that Don’t Cost a Fortune

This year we are all watching the pennies and as Christmas comes around, it can be hard to do all of the Christmas shopping and get presents when you are on a budget. However, there are lots of things that you can do to cut the cost and ensure that you are not getting into debt that will take the whole of 2023 to pay off!

Here are some ideas to help you cut the cost of Christmas…

Buy Second Hand – A really good way to reduce the cost of the gifts that you are buying is to buy pre-loved items. From cheap laptops like this to second hand clothing that you can get from charity shops and sites like Vinted, it is well worth having a look at what is out there.

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Make your Own – There are lots of great ideas for homemade gifts that you can do yourself. Whether this is food like jam or gingerbread, drink like sloe gin, or homemade Christmas decorations, this is a great gift that people will really appreciate you putting the time into.

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Give Acts of Service – Another great gift idea is something that will only cost you your time – it could be doing the garden up for someone who is busy or babysitting so that parents can go out for a date night, have a think about ways that you can give your time as a gift rather than buying something.

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