Sonus Faber presents a new range of luxury speakers called Homage Tradition

We have already spoken on occasion of the Sonus Faber firm. A brand dedicated to the manufacture of very high quality speakers that enjoys great prestige among lovers of excellence in sound. Products not suitable for all pockets that look for a very specific customer.

And looking to expand the options of its catalog the firm has introduced the new range Homage Tradition, a selection of luxury speakers formed by four models whose nomenclature is already indicative of quality. With the names of Amati, Guarneri, Vox and Serafino, come their new proposals.

Sonus Faber presents a new range of luxury speakers called Homage TraditionWe find a proposal that calls attention to the adoption by the classic touch brand, vintage, thanks mainly to a design in which the shape of the speakers we have always seen in our parents house or Grandparents, even by the tones imitating wood.

The shape of the boxes is not accidental , because with the design has been sought to eliminate the internal resonances . To help in this work, wood has been used in the manufacture of wood. In addition, it has been possible to play with the tones, with two different finishes, in walnut wood with black inlays, polished aluminum and black leather or wenge wood with Maple inlays, polished aluminum with titanium finish and brown leather. These are the four models presented:

  • With the model Amati we are before a column of 3.5 tracks with 4 speakers.
  • In the case of Guarneri, this is a compact 2-way monitor with 2 speakers
  • The Vox model is a 3 way speaker with 5 speakers.
  • Serafino is a 3.5-way speaker and 4 loudspeakers.

All these loudspeakers have in common a series of characteristics, although between them we find striking differences. So in all the aluminum is used for the back panel of the boxes. In them the brand has created a ventilation system called “Stealth Ultraflex” based on the use of large openings located in the back.

In addition, all of them are supported by striking damped platforms that favor the elimination of the always annoying vibrations. This system has called it “Zero Vibration Transmission”. This is especially noticeable in the Guarneri and Serafino models that rely on supports called “Silent Spikes”.

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