Tips for keeping your mobile phone secure

A mobile phone is one of the most common forms of technology today, but it can also be one of the easiest to steal or lose and one of the most expensive! It is very easy to lose or damage so you’ll want to learn some top tips for protecting your device from damage and theft. Protecting your device from theft or damage requires some thought and a little bit of common sense. Here are some mobile phone security tips which you really ought to know.

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Regularly change your passcode. Use different passwords for different applications and another, separate password to access your device as well as any other more personal information. This really is one of the best of all of the mobile phone security tips and is the simplest. A phone that cannot be accessed by thieves means your personal data won’t fall into the wrong hands. Make sure you make use of all of your phone’s security features. Make a note of your device’s IMEI number in case of theft. When it;s time to upgrade from an old device, consider Vodafone Drogheda at

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To keep the device safe from damage, a screen protector and robust case should be used. Be aware of what’s around you and don’t leave your phone unattended at any time. Avoid placing a device anywhere that is experiencing extreme temperatures. Small measures like this can help to ensure a longer life for your mobile phone. Keep your phone in a waterproof case during bad weather and keep ports free from dust and debris build up.


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