Fun facts about your accountant

If you run your own business you have probably bought into the services of an  Accountants Chippenham way or one local to you. But how much do you know about your friendly accountant?

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Accounting has actually been around for a lot longer than you probably realise with tokens that were used as a payment method being found dating back to over 7000 years ago. They relate to Ancient Mesopotamia which is the region of modern day Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

Luca Pacioli is seen as the godfather of accounting as he published the first books based on the double entry accounting system that we use today., He published this back in 1494 in Italy and Leonardo da Vinci was one of his first students.

There is in fact a saint for accountants. Saint Matthew the Evangelists is the patron saint of bookkeepers, tax collectors, accountants and bankers.

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The words ‘bookkeeper’ and ‘bookkeeping’ are the only two words in the English language that have 3 consecutive double letters in the word.

A few famous faces started their working lives off in accounting such as Mick Jagger and Eddie Izzard.

Accountants’ link to fame continues each year during the Oscars when a team of accountants count every ballot by hand before the big event.

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