How to choose the right removals company

There are so many removal companies around that choosing one can seem an almost impossible task. Yet this is a really important decision as you need to know your treasured possessions will be safe, cared for and actually make it to their destination. The best approach is to look for a removal company which is right for your circumstances, and to ask the right questions to make sure they can deliver what you need. Here we have put together a brief guide on how to achieve this without stress and upset.

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Plan ahead

Don’t just check the availability of a removals company, but also their booking systems. They may need you to fill in an inventory form so they can allocate the right amount of time to your job, others prefer to visit ahead of time and assess the things to be moved.

What’s your load like?

Some removal companies specialise in small loads, others charge as if all jobs are huge and complex. Checking this out could save you getting burnt.

Book local

Ask around for first-hand recommendations for local movers, so for example, if you need a Bristol removals company someone may suggest a firm like imoveremovals. Having suggestions is always helpful, but of course, you still need to check out everything is going to be how you want it on the day.

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What do they expect of you?

Small companies may only book one person to do everything and expect help; others have rules about how things should be packed (such as no small boxes, or no plastic bags). Knowing this could affect your decision on who to book.

How does their insurance work?

It’s common sense to make sure they are fully insured, but although obvious damage to a large item is pretty easy to spot and claim for you, should check what their policy is like for smaller items damaged after being packed in boxes –

Look for a company that asks questions

Any decent removals company will want to know everything from where they can safely park the lorry at both the old and new properties, to how wide the doors are for awkward furniture.

Moving house is an exciting time but also a very stressful one, so the sooner you can secure a good moving company the easier life will be.

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