Top tips for finding the cheapest insurance quotes

Saving money on car insurance can be extremely quick and easy; for example, shopping around can help you to find the best premiums. Here are our top tips for finding the cheapest insurance quotes.

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Shop around

You could save hundreds of pounds by shopping around when it is time to renew your cover. Ensure that you compare like-for-like policies, as some cheaper policies may not have the same level of cover. Online comparison tools can do much of the hard work for you in providing insurance quotes.

Do not name everyone on your policy

Ensure that you only name regular drivers on your policy. If anyone is planning to drive your car, you could add them for a few days instead of throughout the policy.

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Protect your no-claims bonus

This is the best way to cut car insurance costs, so you must ensure you protect your no-claims bonus. Although this may increase your premium slightly, this will be insignificant if you suffer a potential 90 per cent discount loss with a premium of hundreds of pounds.

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Increase voluntary excess

Agreeing with your provider to pay more in the event of an accident will bring down your premiums. If you are found not to be at fault if you have an accident, the excess is recoverable; however, avoid allowing your voluntary excess to rise too high, especially if your car is of a lower value.

Secure your car

There are numerous ways to secure your car, such as fitting an immobiliser, approved alarm and tracking device; in fact, measures such as these can bring a five per cent discount. Many newer car models come with security measures as standard, so make sure you declare them.

Drive fewer miles

Reduced mileage leads to greater insurance savings; for example, a reduction of 10,000 miles each year could save around £100. Ensure you are honest about the annual mileage, as any inaccuracy can jeopardise a claim.

Check your cover; for example, if you do not drive your car for work, you could receive a cheaper rate on your insurance.

Use your garage

Clear out your garage and start using it for your car. If you keep your car in a garage overnight, insurers will often dramatically reduce your premium.


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