I live in two worlds.

Which two worlds is that then. Ah well that is a tale or at least a tale that is told be others and not by me. What I mean is this. I live in two worlds, one is a world of books and other is the real world. I am a regular Rory Gilmore. So much so that I am looking to do the Rory Gilmore challenge. I would need the service of this firm of Bookkeeping Services Gloucestershire way at https://www.kngbusinesssupport.co.uk/bookkeeping-services-gloucestershire to help me get through all 260 of the works required to pass the challenge. Let me tell you what it is.

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Rory Gilmore is a book worm. Let’s not beat around the bush about her she is obsessed with the world of books so much so that she lives in their world. Or at least she makes great mention of some literature classics in her graduation speech from Chiltern School. Is it possible that one person could have read the amount of works that she has? That is where the challenge comes in.

What someone has done is go through all the books mentioned in the original seven series of the Gilmore Girls and then compiled them. To pass the Rory Gilmore Challenge you have to read them all. Some of them are incredible heavy going. Just be thankfully that the list has one glaring but welcome omission, the entire works of Giddens decline and fall of the Roman Empire is clearly mentioned by her Grandfather but that will take you a good few decades to get through. Let’s look at some of the highlights that you ‘ll find on the way.

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No. 1 1984. Yes, that’s it. Let’s start with a happy one, shall we? Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece oozes sadness and dismay. Still a brilliant read though. A good choice Miss Gilmore.

No. 22 Beowulf. No, you can’t cheat and read the graphic novel. You’ve got to do the Sagas version.

No. 27 Brave New World. Alright you’ve had to get through 26 other titles before you get to another dystopian one so stop complain and enjoy this cracker.

No. 46 The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ll be kind and say that you can read the abridged version which saves all that tedious mucking about with the reinstated monarchy.

No. 64 The Divine Comedy. It’s all about life innit?

No. 88 The Fellowship of the Ring. Yeh! Finally, one you might know and may have even started reading until you got to the bit about Tom Bombadill and thought `this is boring’. You can’t wing it and watch the film, Rory will know. Spoiler alert Tom Bombadill is not in the film.

No. 164 Moby Dick. Yawn, obviously.

No. 180 One flew over the Cuckoos nest. It wont matter, you just see Jack Nicholas as your Randall P MacMurphy

No. 257 The Wizard of Oz. Why not for old times sake? There’s no place like home.

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