Is a Zombie Apocalypse a Possibility – And How can you Survive it?

Zombies continue to be a favourite with horror fans everywhere, never failing to capture people’s imagination and fear. Possibly one of the reasons for this is that people can imagine this world being a possibility making it even more terrifying and of course, for the horror film and literature industry, even more popular.

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Whilst the actual dead coming back to life after being at peace for many years is perhaps a bit far-fetched, viruses such as rabies and Ebola do seem a more realistic way in which a zombie apocalypse could begin. If the virus were to mutate and keep the person infected with the virus alive, with the ability to transfer the virus and with heightened levels of aggression (similar to how Rabies affects animals), a zombie epidemic could well sweep across the globe.

Another possibility is that the virus could be created artificially – either accidentally or intentionally. Science and technology continue to improve in huge leaps, and research into bacteria, viruses and the affect that they have on humans could lead to the creation of a disease capable of destroying the entire human race.

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The popularity of zombies in science fiction and the discussion about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse leads to the question; how do I survive it? To increase your chances of surviving a zombie outbreak, your best bet is to be away from large population centres – stay away from towns and cities and anywhere else where there are large groups of people, and particularly transport hubs, such as airports, train and bus stations, as that is how viruses will be most quickly spread.

If you need to escape in a hurry, you will need a reliable escape vehicle – make sure that the vehicle is in good working order, Gloucester MOT company can make sure that your car is ready to get away! You will also need a bug out bag. This is a supply of emergency survival equipment that is popular with survival experts and doomsday preppers who are ready for a whole range of disasters – natural and man-made and is a good thing to have ready to go. Many people pack bug out bags in preparation for earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear attack and tsunamis. Of course, the possibility of these events are different depending on where you live!

The most important items to have in your bug out bag include a supply of fresh water, and a way of filtering water so that it is clean, a shelter of some sort and a sleeping bag, energy bars, a torch and a battery powered radio and of course batteries! Keep your bag in your escape vehicle and then you are ready to head for the hills!





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