Low Tech Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Many people worry about how they will heat their homes during the cold winter months, but while homeowners are constantly being advised to insulate their homes, install double glazing and to overhaul inefficient heating systems, these are all fairly expensive operations.

Low Tech Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

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As energy companies show no signs of reducing their prices, it’s time to look to some cheap, simple, low tech tactics for keeping your home warm this winter.

Tin Foil

Place heat reflective aluminium foil behind radiators to prevent heat from penetrating through the wall and reflect it back into the room instead.

Thick Curtains

Prevent heat loss through your windows by hanging thick curtains or curtains with thermal lining throughout your home. Hang heavy curtains in front of doors as well as windows. Even an old rug would do, but for beautiful houses consider hanging a pre-made curtain. Just because you are using simple techniques to keep your home warm, it doesn’t mean it should look dreadful. If people were to ask where can I see beautiful houses, you should still be able to say, here!


Ensure sunlight gets in during the day as it provides free heat. Curtains and shades should be opened during the day and closed at dusk to maximise your home’s potential to retain heat.

Double Glazing

If you can’t afford it, fake it. A special film can be placed across the window which has a similar, albeit it lesser effect. It can be attached to a window frame with double-sided tape and sealed with a hairdryer. The downside is that you can’t open your windows while you use it.

Seal Chimneys

If you do not use your chimney, consider a chimney balloon. A huge amount of heat is lost through a chimney and a chimney balloon will seal it off, preventing any unwanted cold air from seeping in and warm air escaping out.

Draught Excluders

Old fashioned draught excluders are an effective and cheap way to stop the draught from under doors. Even a stuffed pair of tights placed at the bottom of your door will do the trick.

By carrying out these relatively simple and low cost techniques, you can expect to keep your home warm without necessarily seeing an increase in your heating bills this winter.

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