The modern family unit is different and diverse

In this modern age of diverse family Units, anything but the traditional structure of, Husband, Wife and two point four children is the normality. The Nuclear or “Normal” Family Unit that has been passed down through generations is fast dying out.  Marriages are breaking down at an alarming rate and Single Parent families are becoming more common than ever before. Usually it is the Mother who raises the children alone but single parent fathers are definitely on the increase.  The statistics show that one in four children are born to a single mother, this can create a very strong bond between the child and their Mother. Single mothers or fathers may still need to work and time with children has to be split between earning money and spending time at home.  Eating together in front of the television is fast becoming the quick and easy option to laying the table more formally.  Having your tea on a lap tray together in the front room saves time and energy. 

Grandparents are increasingly becoming “Parents” to their off-spring’s children, sometimes the biological parents are still in the child’s life but they just can’t look after them anymore for whatever reason.  Sadly, it could be that the child’s natural parents have passed away due to drugs, drink or accidental death and the grandparents then assume responsibility. Many of these grandparents have to keep working longer than planned or even return to work to have the finances available to raise the child or children.  With so much on their hands looking after the grandchildren it can get rather dirty and messy around the house especially if your not as nimble as you used to be. A good idea might be to contact a House cleaning Cheltenham company found at sites including

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It is an unfortunate statistic that over half of marriages end in divorce and many of these divorcees then decide to marry again.  When there are children involved on one or both sides of remarried couples this creates the step Family unit.  These two broken families merge together into one big new blended family and this can come with all sorts of baggage and issues.  Very rarely do all sides of this new unit see eye to eye about a variety of things and difficulties can often arise.  Discipline is the most common point of conflict and unless the parents and children can learn to adapt and work together as the new marriage can soon break down.

There is no longer a right or wrong answer when different family units get together to bring up children.  As long as the home is filled with love and laughter and the children learn to respect themselves and others, they will grow up to be strong independent people who have families of their own.

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