Top Tips for New Freelance Writers

Are you considering a change of job? Do you want work that can fit around your other commitments? Why not consider working as a freelance writer? Changing jobs and becoming your own boss can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be daunting when you’re trying to figure out how to start out. Here are some tips about making a career in freelance writing seem like a less scary prospect.

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Set Up Your Own Blog

One of the most important things you can do as a freelance writer is to set up your own blog. If you don’t already have a blog, register the name you want to write under (be it your real name, a pseudonym or a business name) as a domain name. Companies like can help make this process very straightforward so you have one less thing to worry about.

Blogs are incredibly important tools for any freelance writer. A blog is your way of marketing your writing skills and showcasing your ability to handle a wide range of topics. This helps to attract new clients, bringing in more work. It can be fun to write blog posts about a wide variety of things, but you’ve always got to be careful to keep this next point in mind…

Remember – It’s Your Business, Not Your Hobby

A lot of people become freelance writers because they love writing so much that they decide to turn their hobby into a career. The pitfall of this way of thinking is that you might continue to think of writing as a hobby even though it’s now your job. You need to manage your time carefully to make sure all client deadlines are met. Write even when you aren’t enjoying it. It can be extremely helpful to use time management tools to track exactly how long you’ve spent on each project. This will help you learn where you need to use your time more effectively.

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Network, Network, Network

Sometimes freelance writing can feel like a very solitary profession. This doesn’t mean that professional networks don’t exist! Reach out to other freelance writers. They’ll be able to give you information on where to find clients and what your rates should be.

In summary, start your own blog, manage your time well, and build up a professional network. Doing these things will help to build your freelance writing career.

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