When there’s a storm brewing!

Now the UK has started naming storms, we seem to be taking much more notice of them. When it comes to being prepared and protecting our homes, this is no bad thing. Storms can be severe and leave a trail of destruction in their wake from flooding, very strong winds and even lightning strikes.

Storms during recent winters have been some of the wettest and most damaging on record as torrential rain and gale-force winds brought flooding to large parts of the UK, ruining the Christmas and New Year period for thousands of people.

This led to insurance claim costs estimated to have reached more than £1bn, with households suffering millions more pounds of uninsured financial losses dealing with the aftermath of those violent storms. Our changing weather patterns mean these damaging wind storms could become a regular winter experience, sweeping into parts of the country even earlier in the season. Preparing your home to cope can help to limit the damage that a storm may cause, including from flooding. This also includes making sure any repairs are done as soon as damage occurs, to prevent further problems when the next storm arrives. For Flat roofing Evesham, visit http://www.lwroofing.co.uk/

When there’s a storm brewing!

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Fortunately, weather forecasting has improved since the totally unexpected hurricane of 1987, which took the UK by surprise. Knowing in advance if bad weather is on its way can be helpful in getting your house storm ready.  

Storm Facts

    • Thunderstorms develop when the atmosphere is unstable – typically forming a ‘cumulonimbus’ which is a technical term for a rain/storm cloud.
    • The annual cost of storm damage in the UK can amount to millions each year.
    • Large storm clouds are often accompanied by large gusts of wind and can form in less than an hour if the conditions are right. This means there may not be much time before the storm hits!
    • Thunderstorms are most common over the East Midlands and the south-east of England.
    • In 1987, the UK experienced one of the worst storms ever recorded, with wind gust of up to 100 mph, and the destruction of 15 million trees.
    • The ‘Big Freeze’ occurred in 2010, where temperatures dropped to -18C in some parts of the UK.

When there’s a storm brewing!2

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Here are some ways you can get your property storm-ready

    • Ensure that garden furniture and ladders are secured in case of high winds, or locked away in the shed or even inside your house.
    • Check that your drains and gutters are clear of debris to prevent blockages.
    • If you can, check your pipes and water tanks are insulated to prevent freezing and that the release point of overflow pipes is not obstructed.
    • Cut back trees and branches outside your property to minimise the risk of falling branches.
    • Secure loose fence panels.
    • If you suspect that roof tiles and aerials have been damaged then seek professional advice.
    • Using Met Office updates, when a storm is on its way, make sure children, pets and your family and neighbours are safe. Ensure that you are indoors when it hits and don’t try and repair damage during a storm.

Don’t ever be tempted to repair things like the roof. Always be cautious when undertaking any task that you’re not fully familiar with as you could injure yourself or those around you. The best advice is to seek professional help where required.

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