The four diverse, beautiful Seasons of the year in the historic City of Gloucester.

Let’s Start in the Spring, when the cute, frolicking baby lambs are to be seen in many of the farms and fields around Gloucester.  Their crazy antics as they race and jump around the lush green pastures is a wonderful and heart-warming sight to behold. The Gloucester City Farm is a great place to get up close and maybe even feed and hold one or two of these adorable creatures.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and all around there are signs of little green shoots pushing their way through the rich brown soil, bright yellow daffodils, multi-coloured crocuses and tulips as well as the beautiful little snowdrops. Spring is a time of hope and expectations for the coming of the warm summer months.


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Summer in Gloucester gives way to idyllic strolls along the River Severn and the calm canal tow paths or taking a trip on a scenic cruise boat or barge.  Enjoy picnics in the park while the children play on all the equipment to be found there or try out the skateboard ramps, wearing their safety gear of course. The Gloucester Docks and Outlet Centre located there are certainly worth a visit and the smorgasbord of cafés and restaurants provide plenty of places to sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine while feasting on a tasty meal and refreshing drink. The Autumn scenes in Gloucester are a glorious canvas of ochres, vivid reds, bright yellows and rusty browns as the leaves start to turn colour and begin falling from the trees ready for the winter. Be prepared for all the leaves this autumn and the unfortunate way they can block your drain pipes by getting advice from a company like and investing in new Drain Lining Gloucester.  The leaves are beautiful, picturesque but can clog up your down pipes and drains if you let them.

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Winters in Gloucester can be wonderful, the crisp, chill evening air as you stroll around the beautiful Rococo Gardens or slightly further afield at the magnificent Sudeley Castle festooned with hundreds of twinkling fairy lights.  The Christmas characters dressed in their enchanting outfits, wait to greet you, smile and hand out mugs of hot cocoa and chocolate Santa’s. The four seasons in Gloucester City, what better place to live than here.

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