Looking perfect on your big day

Looking perfect

Every Bride wants to look perfect on their big day – glowing and radiant are buzzwords for bridal beauty, so make sure you get the best out of your skin for a flawless photo-ready appearance.

Start preparing your skin at least six weeks before your wedding. Go for a professional facial and have a beauty therapist diagnose any skin issues you might be suffering from. Don’t be tempted to get a facial in the two weeks running up to your wedding as skin notoriously breaks out right after a professional facial – not a look you want on your wedding photos!

Looking perfect
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Invest in some high-quality skin care. The Laura Mercier range is perfect for pre-wedding skin routines, featuring gentle yet luxurious products that you can tailor to your skin type. Visit Urban Retreat to check out the range, and opt for a system that supports your skin needs.

Use a mud mask every three days in the six weeks running up to your wedding, but keep it gentle. Stay away from harsh chemicals and do not be tempted to over-exfoliate. Exfoliation is important to slough off dead cells and allow a skin to renew itself, but being rough with your skin will leave you with broken capillaries and breakouts. Get hold of a facial loofah and use it very gently with your normal face wash.

On the day itself, start by moisturising in the morning and leave the cream to sit for at least an hour before you add any other makeup. When you are ready for your base makeup, moisturize again with a very light moisturizer this time, leave it for ten minutes and then use a skin primer. Do not be tempted to use anything with an SPF in – sun protection factor causes ‘flashback’ and will make you look washed out in your photographs.

Choose a foundation one shade lighter than your natural skin tone – don’t be tempted to go darker. You can build up the colour with bronzer and blush, but the last thing you want is for your face to be a different color from your neck, arms and chest. Choose the lightest coverage you can get away with for the condition of your skin – cakey foundation is not a bride worthy look.

Keep the rest of your makeup light and neutral – don’t stay too far from your normal routine. You want to look like you, only perfect. Smile, glow, enjoy!

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