The influencers not captured … Get Paid!

It is very possible that if you just leave your course or community manager’re at it when you read this post you break schemes your You’ve teachers. And yes sure your teachers work in important agencies but that does not mean they know what they’re talking about … quiet in Spain is most common in the world to teach others without knowledge…

Why I mean the poor scammed courses social media in an article dealing influencer profiles on social networks? Because one of the cornerstones of teaching these con artists tucked gurus of digital marketing is that every good social strategy 2.0 must locate influencers of the brand and get empathize and connect with them so that later speak well of your product. And in theory sounds great, even once he told me a dog in a galaxy far, far away a fish told him he saw a influencer of these.

But-True Truth is that online influencers cost money. They know it and very nice you are or how good is the girl profile photo you’ve placed you’re not going to get to the real influencers with a “Hi, I’d love to send you some samples of hand gel … “and that in the best of cases, usually as offered is a mention. And if a profile needs that to win followers mention most likely not be the influencer you are looking for.

The influencer profiles are divided into two classes quintessential profiles.

The influencers not captured ... Get Paid!The Influencer by experiences

It is one profile that has come to have some notoriety in a particular field because of their knowledge, curiosity, experience, work, etc. We refer for example to successful blogger, the best known in a community, the expert on certain issues final. Through the years it has gained the trust of a community, very tight and low standard, but which interest us focus. These profiles define the target of followers is usually very simple given their clear segmentation.

These influencers are dreamed of in your profile social networks, but they are rare, difficult to locate and foremost often have a strange kind of responsibility to their readers. Say you work on a campaign for a popular brand of beer and after much more beer locate monitor profile of the country. It may be an expert in beers with a blog visited by thousands of people both nationally and internationally. We would like this person would promote our brand or our product and so we contacted. As we say the mere fact suggest that you help with the campaign is not motivated at all. The next step is to offer product which sometimes comes with some profiles to work, but do not expect miracles in exchange for almost nothing. Yes, provide money for their subjective opinion will change your perspective and your opinions and comments, but eventually you will have what you sought, an expert or influencer willing to talk about your business purpose, prior monetary payment profile.

The famous influencer

These profiles are influencer by the large number of followers they harvest. They have good and bad things about the experiential. The famous profiles have huge amounts of followers; the problem is that their target is often not clear in many cases. There are famous profiles are followed by both adolescents and pensioners. Other profiles have a more segmented audience, but it is usual that your audience is very mixed as initial barrier. However, as we said that they make up with quantity, because these profiles manage experiential influencer figures rarely get to get or want to approach.

In the example we make the famous influencer we will promote some fries. And we located a famous it is always hanging pictures of their pecking at midmorning on the terraces of their city, of course usual photo of the drink with a dish of potatoes or olives. And we know that he loves potatoes are your favorite snack to peck. With everything and that, are you going to plant your twitter to ask him if he wants to put a tweet saying his appetizer fries are the famous brand X? With these profiles promotions living if you want something in return the money will go ahead. Forget the gifts of consolation that offer one month of free chips usually does not work too well with a model that a potato a day is taken, although it seems that only feeds on that.

Tell the teacher to teach you how to contact these profiles, who should go, how or by whom and in what price range the advertising market moves influencer according to their number of followers and their relevance.

When you solve all these patterns can start to form digital campaigns with influencers profiles by willing to help as long as it is in between a good monetary justification. True truth!

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