Mobile Apps tech bubble or real trend?

While more than half of users still uses search engines to connect to the Internet from their mobile phones, the fact is that the apps are gaining more and more ground simply because they allow connect to the network quickly and immediately without go through any prefilter. Specifically, 41% of users use mobile internet already recognized as a direct route to navigate.

This development that are experiencing mobile applications, largely heat the success of smartphones and tablets, which now account for 6% of domestic consumption of Internet- cannot consider a bubble or a fad, but a trend in the making that is welcome, it is here to stay and be an active part of our lives.

Mobile Apps tech bubble or real trendThe explanation is simple: the expected growth of this market right now are moderate, not disproportionate as we live with the dotcom years. Specifically, production of mobile applications increased by about 12% last year and everything points to keep this pace of growth this year.

Thus, we have a market that will be settled although gradually, already a priority support for advertisers, who have seen in applications a unique opportunity to publicize their brand. No doubt they are knowing very quickly exploit its potential, aware of the return on investment they provide.

Proof of this is how free apps-those, generally pay for themselves by advertising- have displaced the payment throughout the mobile universe.In addition, 80% of mobile Internet users download applications regardless recognizes its advertising content provided they do not involve them an added cost.

If you look at the target market for advertisers, the iPhone apps are the undisputed queens in front of the giant Google. In fact, the latest figures show that the company of the great Steve Jobs has registered to date 15,000 million downloads from its App Store, while Google came to 4,500 million since its Android Market.

Nor should we overlook that applications are organized by categories, so that users, when download and use an application on your mobile phone, entertainment and usability precedence over everything. Hence 86% by decanting related apps games, music and social networking.

Also applications with direct access to email, as well as general and sports information stand out among the most used by mobile Internet users who consult them and daily basis.

In short, we are facing a market with tremendous potential and advertisers are beginning to be aware of the party that you can take. We seize the new opportunities provided by mobile marketing.

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