Are you community Manager? You cannot live without Twitter!

We know that these professionals on whom rests the responsibility of being the “voice” of the brand, they need a team with which to share the actions they finally manage to convert their target audience.

We also know that there are competing theories regarding the efficiency of program automatically Tweets of our content in a context in which the interaction defines the value added.

The key is not to confuse the two concepts; Interacting to “give answers and generate confidence” content and promote “loyalty and encourage participation” is the perfect balance that manages to attract our customers to follow us, share our actions and join our “ranks”.

Are you community Manager You cannot live without Twitter!Content, clear and simple

Clearly, the amount of information we are exposed results in the need to optimize the time we devote to assimilate.

The Community Manager is (or should be) the kings of the generation of short messages, impact and easy to understand. Messages through 140 characters manage to attract users and attract them to the brand.

It is very interesting questions to use in promoting our content, thus we cover the dual role of promoting and fostering dialogue.

Here it is important not to abuse the #hashtag and always remember that the shorter the better message and leave room for re-tweets.

Listen, one of the most effective actions

The Community Manager is the people who serve as eyes and ears of our brand.

Optimizing searches using the most relevant keywords (according to criteria geolocation) and remain ever vigilant in relation to what he does and says the competition are actions that Twitter have an immediate effect, very specifically at local businesses.

Community Manager on Twitter, information and interaction

The Community Manager on Twitter have a great ally to achieve one of its main objectives; filter the information necessary to identify needs, interests and trends, thereby achieving growth of the community … and brand.

Metrics, the necessary statistics to the strategy

The measurement of the information derived from our fans is essential to identify needs and interests.

Segmentation is allowing us to establish efficient strategies.

In this sense, the objectives of the Community Manager are based on 3 actions; attract, interact, loyalty, thereby achieving more dynamic brands fueled by the interaction of their followers, build the most efficient way to measure ROI.

The Community Manager is the most dynamic and interactive strategists brands and for this kind of leadership, statistics are the gateway to efficiency.

It is thanks to access to this information and its analysis, the Community Manager of the brands with better social presence, have been consolidated as the link between the external client and internal customer.

Measuring social action is essential to transform the management of communities in one of the aggregates and differentiating brand values and Twitter is by its dynamism and concreteness, one of the most decisive in building communities influential social platforms.

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