How the kitchen has evolved

The kitchen is no longer the only room in the house that women use. It still has the same basic components as it did a century before. There are still the classic elements that separate a kitchen into its basic components:

  • Hot/Cold
  • Clean/Dirty
  • Working/Eating

These are not going to change anytime soon. The activities in the kitchen, which are not directly related to the daily meal preparation, seem to be changing. When it comes to kitchen design, there are “trends”, in that the kitchen can be subject to the same trends as any other room of the house. However, the evolution of the kitchen is considerable compared to other rooms, and its role has changed to meet the needs of modern families. It is no surprise that the kitchen is used the most in the home. No wonder the kitchen has become a multi-purpose area that reflects all the different functions and users who use it.

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The kitchen is now an integral part of social life. It’s where kids do their homework and Mum or Dad cooks a meal. It’s not uncommon to see extended family members hanging out in the kitchen with the main family. Cousins, aunties and even the mother-in-law are always a welcome presence and get involved with nearly every family gathering. When you want Kitchen Refurbishment Guildford, go to

The Social Kitchen

The kitchen is now integrated with the living space of the home. It’s a natural part of how people live. Mum no longer disappears into a room at the back of the home and the food appears when it is time to eat.

These social kitchens often get the best spot in the house, the one with the best view. Modern kitchens have well defined work areas, whilst at the other end of the island is a place for spectators. It’s easy to work on school projects at the adjacent large table. When it’s mealtime, just move everything to one side.

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The kitchen is no longer confined by four walls. Usually, one wall has been removed in order to open up the space. The kitchen and those who use it can now participate in activities taking place simultaneously with the preparation of a meal.

You can see how the kitchen is integrated into social life in the modern home. It would make a great party area – everyone ends up in kitchens anyway, so the chef can be both host and chef.

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