The advantages of a rack

Today I will talk about one of my favorite decorative accessories, an item that cannot miss at home to ensure order and also bring a lot of style: the clothes racks. I love that they can adapt too many rooms and how, so easily, optimize space and combined with any environment. I present some of the advantages that should convince you to add one to your home if you do not have it yet.

The advantages of a rackOrder in the court

The racks are the final element to maintain harmony when enclosed spaces are finished. Who has not had bags, backpacks, umbrellas, aprons, towels or other objects used hand as often as not have saved … but just have “hand” conversationalist just a nuisance? It organize them into a coat rack not only solve the chaos, but it will bring a lot of personality to the space.

Way for the design

One of the pluses of these pieces is to marry any of the rooms of a house and even if we have one in each of them, will never be over. The models are infinite, since the only thing needed is to have one or more outstanding pieces as a knob or hook for the clothes and objects. Furthermore, it is an element that is much lends itself to customization and DIY, because it is very easy to build one from recycled materials or reusing any structure that serves as a hanger.

Style or space

Because, as I said, no problem in locating several racks around the house, the main decision will focus on the dilemma: standing or wall? The hangers offer the benefit of having a greater capacity, as is usually divided into several radios and can do so in various heights, as well as providing much style. Meanwhile, the hangers or wall rack has the unbeatable advantage of saving space, because they can adapt to any surface or corner. This second type of hanger usually preferred for rooms like the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, while large hangers remind us, above all, the receiver, but can also be used in the bedroom, especially in its variant valet.

Extreme practicality

The racks of any type have some advantages in terms of maintenance: they are very easy to clean (they have little surface and, for large, a duster enough) and also relocate because they do not weigh too much and, in the case of the hangers many have fastening systems easy to disassemble.

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