Brick slips for your interior

You might think of brick cladding as being an exterior thing, but did you know you can achieve the lovely, warm look of brick inside your home? Brick provides a rustic finish which is a look that is very sought after in many interiors. Here is some information on how you can achieve the look.

Brick panel cladding

It might sound like a highly specialist job having bricks as an interior finish. We’re used to covering a wall with wallpaper or paint, but bricks? However, what may come as a surprise is that many brick finishes don’t use whole bricks – they use a brick slip as a great alternative.

You are probably surrounded by examples of brick slips but wouldn’t even realise that’s what they are. They are almost indistinguishable from traditional brickwork. The panels are thinner than a standard brick, so take up less floor space. There are a variety of different cladding systems available, suitable for exterior and interior use so depending on your project, do the research and you’ll be surprised at easy it is to achieve that brick-look for your décor.

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There are many brick slip systems available in a multitude of textures and colours. There are bricks with an aged, vintage look and texture to contemporary smooth finishes. You can even match the mortar colour to your choice of cladding or use a different shade to create interesting contrast. Brick slips are not the only option either, as you might prefer to have a stone slip instead. Research all the different options available and if in doubt, ask a supplier if there is anything like what you’re seeking.

Can I create the look myself?

Of course, if it’s a manageable project like the surround of a fireplace, for example. Brick slips are simple to install, even with little previous experience. A small area probably won’t even need a panel system and a cheaper alternative is to use a cement based adhesive and slip spacers to attach the brick slips onto the wall. Any projects larger would benefit from the expertise of a professional. For a company that sells Brick Cladding, visit an experienced Brick Cladding supplier like Telling.

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The cost will greatly depend on the size of the project and the type of brick slips you use. Other factors include whether you require corner bricks, a system and an installer, for example. Measure the desired area and speak to your supplier about exactly what you’re seeking. They should be able to provide you with a price, answer your questions and show you exactly what you’re looking for, perhaps by giving you samples.

Whilst it’s not as simple as a fresh coat of paint, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised by how quick you can achieve your desired look, making it definitely worth the additional effort. Bricks bring a unique ambience to an inside space and add the wow factor to your décor.




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