Common Hair Myths Debunked

We all want our hair to look good from the moment we leave the house until the end of the day. And we go to great lengths and spend a fortune on keeping it looking and feeling great. However, are some of the daily habits we’ve picked up with our haircare routines actually causing more harm than good? Here are some common myths about haircare that might not be as beneficial as you think:

Air-Drying is better than blow-drying

Either way, some damage will be done whichever method you choose. Blow-drying does cause some damage to the surface of the hair, but air-drying is more damaging to the insides of the strands of hair. It’s seems a compromise is called for. Go with air-drying until your hair is about three-quarters dry and then blow-dry on a low heat setting to finish off. If you feel like a new haircut, consider a Hairdressers in Gloucester like Headkandy Hairdressers in Gloucester

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Dandruff is the sign of a dry scalp

Not true. In fact, the opposite is the case. Dandruff is caused by a type of yeast that loves to grow in an oily atmosphere. Don’t think that too much washing will dry out your scalp and lead to more dandruff because that’s not the case.

Stress gives you more grey hair

We all like to blame our greying hair on too much stress but the truth is, it’s more to do with aging and genetics. As you get older you produce less melanin that give you your hair colour. This means that new hair growing in is grey (minimal melanin) or totally white (no melanin). The myth comes from excessive fallout of hair due to stress which then grows back with reduced melanin if you’re of a certain age.

Having a trim every 6 weeks help it to grow quicker

Your hair grows from your scalp, so how often you have it trimmed really makes no difference. A regular trim is helpful for those who want to grow long hair and keep on top of split-ends, but how fast your hair grows has little to do with trimming.

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A cold rinse helps to close the cuticle

If you’ve ever had your hair wash end with a rinsing of icy cold water to close the cuticles, this is actually nonsense. Some stylists do it as they believe it encourages the hair to lie flat and reflect more light. In reality, your hair has no living cells, so it won’t react to either hot or cold water. If you want healthier, shinier hair, try a good conditioner instead.

Switch up shampoos to keep hair healthy

There is no real benefit to changing your shampoo regularly to keep hair healthy. What is happening is different shampoos produce different results so you’re seeing a difference in how your hair looks and feels. Shampoos work the same as always, it’s just you’re noticing the effects of a different combination of ingredients. There’s no harm in it, but if you love a particular brand there’s no need to switch because you think it’s best for your hair.

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