Exercise – Good for the brain

If you have been considering a personal trainer, then do it because exercise is not only good for your body but for your mind as well. For a Personal Trainer Bath, visit a site like Team Breakthrough, a leading Personal Trainer Bath service.

Combating anxiety and associated depression

It is scientifically proven that exercise is a mood booster, lowering the symptoms of depression. Exercise increases levels of endorphins, the chemical that makes us “feel good” which is released by the brain and the body of the spinal cord resulting in increased happiness and feelings of euphoria.

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Decreased stress

Other mental benefits include lessening stress levels – a benefit we could all enjoy! Getting your heart rate elevated can actually rid the brain of stress-induced damage by encouraging the creation of neurohormones. These help to improve mood and cognition as well as boosting the reasoning that is so often clouded by a stressful event.

Improved self-esteem

From increased endurance to losing weight and increasing muscle, there is no shortage of physical feats that arise from regular exercise. All these achievements provide a big boost of self-esteem and confidence.

Sleep better

For those with sleep problems, exercise also has a number of benefits. Exercise pushes up the temperature of the body, having a calming effect on the mind, leading to less counting sheep and more shuteye.

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Improve brain power

From establishing intelligence to strengthening memory, exercise increases the ability of the brain in several ways. Studies in people and mice have found that new brain cells are made during cardiovascular exercise, a reaction known as neurogenesis, improving the overall performance of the brain.

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