Five key benefits of merino wool

Merino wool has long-been seen as a high-end fabric and there is no surprise as to why given the many benefits it has to offer. Here is a look at merino and just five reasons why you might want to choose it when buying your next sweater or cardigan.

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What is merino wool?

Merino wool is the natural material that originates from Merino sheep and offers superior levels of softness, breathability and warmth, especially when you compare it with other traditional wool products. Read more about the popularity of merino wool at


One of the key benefits of merino wool is the breathability on offer. It is able to wick away moisture from your body and allow it to disperse into the area around you. It is also excellent at releasing excessive body heat if you get warm, making it ideal for temperature regulation and ensuring that your new sweater or womens merino wool Irish sweater can be worn on all sorts of different occasions.

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Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties, meaning that you will stay fresh and clean-feeling, whether you are wearing base layers for a hike or a more glamorous item available from the likes of The compilation of the material means that if you perspire while wearing it, this will stay on the surface of the garment rather than seeping in and causing unwanted smells.

Softness and lightness

It is because merino wool is much finer than most other wool products that gives it its distinctive soft feel. This removes the likelihood of it feeling itchy against your skin and making it suitable for more people than more traditional wool.


As you move, crimps in merino wool hit each other and create pockets which work to trap air. This retains heat from your body and helps keep you warm. Because of its natural properties, merino will even keep its insulation properties if it gets damp, meaning that it is suitable for making many different garments.

Ease of care

These days, lots of merino wool products can be washed in the washing machine and can even be tumble dried. Having said this, however, you should always check the labels on your particular products to ensure that this is the case and you don’t do unwanted damage to your new cardigan or sweater.

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