Most Common Fire Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens such as hotels and restaurants often have a lot of common fire hazards present in their establishments. In areas were food is being cooked, this is hardly uncommon. However, many people tend to forget about these hazards, leaving them to go unnoticed and poorly maintained, which in many cases can even increase the risk of a fire in the premises. Here are some of the most common fire hazards in commercial kitchens to keep a look out for:

Most Common Fire Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen

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Grease Traps

Kitchen grease traps and ductwork systems are necessary in any commercial kitchen premises. However, most people tend to forget that these systems trap a lot of grease, which can be incredibly flammable. The best way around this is to have them cleaned by a Duct cleaning Manchester company such as Doing so will help ensure that the grease traps are maintained. If you fail to do this, hot grease and food particles can catch fire, putting the building and all those within it in serious danger.


You should always make sure that all electricals in your company are in top working condition. Check the wiring for breakages or frays. Signs of damage requires assistance to repair the electricals before an accident can occur. Kitchens with electrical cookers, microwaves and other electrical cooking equipment should pay particular attention to such factors to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Faulty electricals are one of the most common causes of house fires, so it is incredibly important that everything is in working condition.

Open Flames

Of course, when you are working in a commercial kitchen, the presence of heat and open flames may be an everyday part of the job. However, it is important that you know how to deal with this in a safe and appropriate manner. According to, kitchen staff should be experienced in “controlling their open flames” and should have a good understanding of the inner workings of fire suppression systems if matters get out of hand.

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